What is CGXchange 2.0

CGXchange is a collaboration platform supported by CGIAR Consortium. CGXchange has always been about  helping CGIAR staff connect with people, share knowledge and collaborate online. CGIAR users can connect, share and collaborate with the support of a rich set of easy-to-use collaboration tools

If you and your team need to:
  • run projects across countries and time zones,
  • work with people in the field,
  • write, share and collaborate on documents,
  • organize meetings, events and training programs,
  • make your work available and accessible to a broader public,

contact us at cgx-support AT cgiar.org and we will show you around. 

Why we switched to Google Apps

In 2008, the ICT-KM Program began exploring collaboration alternatives that could help us reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of large proprietary software platforms and at the same time allow us to innovate with improved collaborative hosted platforms and services for CGIAR. A joint initiative involving the ICT-KM Program and the CGIAR IT Managers successfully explored Google Apps Education Edition through a case study that included participation from more than 250 members of staff from the CGIAR Centers. The participants expressed satisfaction with Google Apps and recommended these tools for the CGIAR. As a result, the ICT-KM Program decided to implement Google Apps as an efficient and cost-effective replacement for the former CGXchange plaform: BEA Aqualogic.
  • CGXchange 2.0 is the new name, CGX 2.0 for short
  • Openness is our main driving principle
    Anyone with a Google account can be invited to collaborate and view the information CGIAR staff will create with Google Apps. However, the CGXchange team will create and manage accounts for CGIAR staff only; there will be no more accounts for partners, consultants, or colleagues from other institutions. If you need to share or invite people from outside the CGIAR, just ask for their Gmail address  or Google Account.
  • Freedom of choice is our other driving principle
    We aim to inform you and show you the possibilities that the Web offers to share knowledge and collaborate more efficiently online. The tools we propose can be safely used for closed and/or geographically distributed groups. Although we can guide you through the tools available, you will make the final decision as to what is best for you.