CGIAR Centers are removing CGXchange as a service in 2017 to provide full support to the Office 365 suite. The good news is that the Office 365 platform provides end-users with the same type of tools to communicate and collaborate, so most of the things you were doing in Google Apps, can also be done on Office 365!  

This online tutorial helps you understand what is the equivalent tool from CGXchange Google Apps, in the Office 365 suite.It also provides instructions to help you export your information from Google and import it on the Office 365 suite if applicable. For some tools, you simply need to contact your IT Helpdesk for help to get you started in the new environment:


In GSuite (CGXchange)

In Office 365 for Business

Tutorial / Notes

1.     Email



Gmail was not officially supported by CGIAR, however here are some instructions online for the few users that used it, and would like to Migrate from Gmail to Outlook. You may need support from your Center's IT Helpdesk.

2.     Calendar



See tutorial to Export and Import your calendar from Google Apps to Office 365 

3.     Online address    book



See tutorial to Export and Import your Contacts from Google Apps to Office 365 

4.     Social



See tutorial to Export Google+ conversations and create a new Yammer group on 365 to carry out forum-type discussions.

5.     File storage


OneDrive for Business

See tutorial with the options available to Download, Sync or Migrate files from Google Apps to OneDrive on 365. 

6.     Collaboration Sites




See tutorial to Export Google Sites or share it with your Gmail account. Then contact your IT to request help on the setup of a SharePoint site/ 365 Group instead. 

7.     Groups / mailing list


365 Groups (based on SharePoint too)

See tutorial to Export users from a Google Group then use Office 365 mailing list, 365 Group or Team as required.

8.     Group calls


Skype for Business

See tutorial on Using Skype for Business on Office 365, instead of Google Hangouts to carry our voice/video calls from your computer. 

Office 365 Resources: