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Sign in to CGXchange as of Dec 22, 2016

As of Dec 22, 2016, you should no longer login to CGXchange with your usual CGIAR username and password. Existing users should login with your full CGXchange address, and your last CGIAR password. 
Login for existing CGXchange users: 

1. There are multiple entry points to login to CGXchange, depending on the collaboration tool you need to access:


Google Sites

 Google Calendar


 Google Groups


Or you can simply remember these links: 
2. Write your full CGXchange address: e.g: t.goldwin@cgxchange.org on the Google login screen and click Next
 Note: Do not enter your @cgiar.org as this email address does not work.

3. Enter your current or last known CGIAR password. The password that Google has stored, is the password you had entered the last time you logged in to CGXchange.

4. You may prompted to setup additional options to recover your password, such as setting up a mobile recovery phone, or another alternate email. It is suggested to setup the mobile phone recovery number as most users already have the @cgiar.org email setup as alternate by default.  

Forgot your password? 
If you forgot your password, , click on ‘Forgot Password’ after writing your full CGXchange.org account. Then write your @cgiar.org email which has been set as the alternate email. You will then receive a code you will have to enter to reset your password.  If you have issues with this step, contact your Helpdesk so they can help you help you reset your password.

Additional resources:

Is this your first sign-in? 

Contact your Helpdesk so they can send you the information to access CGXchange for the first time.

Need additional Support?