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Q&A's for Centers to support their end-users with CGXchange

What is the role of the SMO Helpdesk with CGXchange?

The SMO Helpdesk staff have the Super administrator role in the Google Suite panel on behalf of Centers. While we no longer provide support to individual Center end-users, we can still act as the main administrators to provide general support to the Center Helpdesk Focal points when required.
The support tasks included are: 
  • deleting users, deleting groups or sites, 
  • changing global Google Suite admin panel settings (if approved by ICT leaders)
  • adding /removing Center Helpdesk staff from their admin role, and 
  • answering to general questions that relate to CGXchange/ the admin panel 
Center Helpdesk focal points can contact our smo-helpdesk AT cgiar.org for questions or support. Please do not send emails to the generic CGX support account, as it has now been disabled and all support services, including CGXchange have been centralized via our Helpdesk system.

Please note: we do not reset passwords for end-users, or create new accounts on CGXchange for Centers. Each Center should decide whether new accounts for their staff should  be created on CGXchange and create them themselves via their Center Helpdesk Focal Points.

What is the role of the Center Helpdesk Focal Points?

Center Helpdesk Focal Points have a special admin role on CGXchange that allows them to login to the admin panel to:
  • create /edit users - using the suggested naming convention (Name, LastName (CenterName), 
  • disable / suspend users when they leave the organization 
  • view reports, 
  • help their users reset their passwords.
  • encourage their users to setup 2-Step Verification
  • provide 1st level support to their end-users
  • help end-users migrate their information from CGXchange to Office 365 or elsewhere.
Since there are over 30 people from Centers with this role, this role does not have permissions to delete users, or to change settings on the Google Suite admin panel.

What is 2-Step Verification? 

2-Step Verification (also known as two-factor authentication) adds an extra layer of security to users's CGXchange account. This is highly recommended because CGXchange is no longer connected to CGIAR’s authentication system, and the password is managed directly by the users. 

When you enable 2-Step Verification, you sign in with something you know (your password) and something you receive at login time (a code sent to your phone or a phone call). This 2-Step Verification setup will make it much more difficult for hackers to access your account, in case your password is stolen

Here are instructions for users on CGXchange to learn:  How to setup 2-Step Verification for Google Accounts on CGXchange.pdf
If a user accesses CGXchange with the same computer, there is an option for them to select the 'Remember me on this computer for 30 days' to  avoid having to enter the code each time.

How can users access CGXchange?

Center users with existing accounts can login to CGXchange with their own set password, as per instructions here: http://www.cgxchange.org/home/sign-in
It is recommended that users setup 2-Step Verification with the account on CGXchange, considering it is no longer linked to Active Directory.

How can I reset my user's passwords?

 If a user forgot their password, the Helpdesk Focal point can help the users reset their password via the  admin panel: http://admin.google.com.

How can I view reports in the admin panel? 

You can view reports following instructions on this link: https://support.google.com/a/answer/4580176?hl=en

How can users with an existing CGXChange account login if they had never logged in to CGXchange? 

If the user already has an account on CGXchange, but has never logged in please help them reset their password: 

1. Login via the admin panel (http://admin.google.com)  with your @cgxchange.org account

2.      Search for the new user in the search bar and open the user profile

3.      Click on ‘Reset password’

4.   Then click on ‘Auto-generate’, and tick the ‘Require a change of password in the next sign in’. 

5.  Send an email to the user with the new auto-generated password. 

How can I create new users on CGXchange?

New users on CGXchange should be created manually by the Helpdesk Focal Point(s) from the Center; following these InstructionsThe SMO Helpdesk team does not create new accounts on behalf on Centers. 

Important Note: The only key recommendation is make sure you add the Center name in the lastname. E.g: Frico (AfricaRice) – so the Center can easily be distinguished when generating and filtering reports. E.g.:  

You should then send/communicate the password to the user. Please make sure they are prompted to set a new password and invite them to setup the 2-Step Verification, which adds an extra layer of security to their G Suite account. If enabled by the user, they will have to enter a verification code sent by Google (in additional to their username and password) when they sign in. Please invite your users to follow instructions here to learn: How to setup 2-Step Verification for Google Accounts on CGXchange.

How can delete or bulk-delete users from CGXchange?

Please contact the smo-helpdesk AT cgiar.org with the list of the users you would like to delete from CGXchange so we can help as we have a tool installed that facilitates this action. Be reminded that if you delete users from CGXchange, all of their data, documents and email will be permanently deleted. Please be careful when you make this decision. 
Note we can restore a recently deleted account for up to 20 days. After this time, deleted accounts can't be recovered.

Where can I find resources to help my staff move from CGXchange to Office 365

You can find a number of useful resources here to: Help your staff move from CGXchange to Office 365

Are there any costs to keep using CGXchange?

There are currently no costs to use CGXchange. CGIAR Centers received a non-profit grant from Google to use the Google Suite for non-profit edition (CGXchange) in 2008, so the licenses are free, and there are no other centrally supported services at a cost, linked to CGXchange anymore.

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