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Using multiple Google accounts simultaneously from the same browser

posted Mar 28, 2011, 7:49 AM by Tania Jordan
If you'd like to be able to sign in to your personal GMail account and the CGXchange account from the same browser; please follow these instructions to configure this on CGXchange: 

1. Login to CGXchange: http://docs.cgxchange.org 
2. Click on the icon beside your CGXchange account name on the top-right of the screen - and click on 'Account Settings' 

3. Under Personal Settings > Multiple Sign-in - click on Edit as shown in this diagram:

4. Select On - Use multiple Google Accounts in the same browser and then click Save:  

5. Click on the arrow beside your CGXchange username and click on 'Sign in to another account': 
6. Sign in to your personal GMail account:

7. You will see the name of your personal account on the top-right and you can now now change from one account to the other easily just by selecting the account you want to use by clicking on the arrow: 
Tip: Always check your address (at top right) to make sure you’re using the account you want.