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How can I write a proposal collaboratively?

posted Feb 7, 2011, 2:23 AM by Tania Jordan

When writing a document, most people’s common practice is to use a Word Processor, such as Microsoft Word or Open Office. However, when it comes to sharing that document with team members, many problems can arise. Typically, the author will send a copy of the document to the team members as an email attachment. Each individual will then work on their own copy and email it back to the author, who is then faced with the arduous task of evaluating the changes and incorporating them into a new version of the document, before the whole cycle begins again.

With this approach, a team normally ends up not knowing who has the latest ‘final’ version. This can be a real nightmare: people waste time and energy trying to find the latest version, some even may continue adding to a version that is not the latest, and valuable information can then be lost when the ‘final’ version is sent out. An alternative is for teams to write documents using Web-based tools specifically designed for use by multiple authors.

This tutorial can help you get started when you need to write a proposal collaboratively using Google Docs: