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USER support policy for google apps for non-profit 

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  • Issues with Google Apps should be reported to the Center's Helpdesk in the first instance. The usual functions for the local Helpdesk are to help users:
·         Troubleshoot login to CGXchange
·         Add missing fields on AD to sync users to CGXchange / Enable suspended users on the Google Apps panel
·         Install local Google Drive tool / browser plug-ins in the users local computers, or
·         Help users setup Drive folders / Sites (optional- depending on the level of support provided by the Center helpdesk for this platform). 

  • If Center's Helpdesk cannot resolve, issues can be escalated to the CGXchange Support team at 
  • The CGXchange Support team offers user support for the following Apps:
      • Google Docs and Drive
      • Google Hangouts
      • Google Groups 
      • Google Calendar
      • Google Sites
      • Gmail  (limited support. We can provide general guidance as this is not the CGIAR's officially supported email)
      • and non-Google Apps tools : SurveyMonkey GOLD Subscription  / Spanning backup

This 2nd level support is available for these Apps as follows:

  • Standard software support  problem troubleshooting on the Google Applications listed above, Single Sign-on tool (CloudKey)/ GADS sync tool (authentication), and SurveyMonkey GOLD subscription
  • Reported problems or requests will be logged on a problem management system (Spiceworks). If the problem cannot be resolved through telephone support, the problem will be escalated internally (transparent to the user) to the SSO Server support provider, Eforcers, CGNET, Spanning, Google, or sent back to the local Helpdesk if the issue is a local one (e.g.: AD profile).
  • The CGXchange Helpdesk is available during the following times:



Type of support

8:30-17:30 Rome time


  • Full helpdesk support
  • The CGXchange support team are only able to provide support for CGIAR-related work. For all other Google Apps, the CGXchange support will be limited to helping users to find documentation provided by Google and relevant information in the Google Help Center: