Closure of a CGXchange Account

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CGIAR Google accounts are available to staff, while their account in AD exist and are active. Your eligibility for the Google account will end when your AD account services ends.  Information on account expiration and grace periods depend on your own Center's policy. Please ask your IT managers / Helpdesk for further details.

By default, accounts on CGXchange are suspended, and not deleted. Center's IT Helpdesk focal points can contact the CGXchange support admin to request the deletion of a particular account, or Center's IT Helpdesk focal points can also trigger this deletion. It is important to highlight that when a user is deleted on CGXchange, all of the information for that user is also deleted. After 5 days of deleting a user, the information cannot be restored. It is hence, very important to ensure the required information has been properly exported and stored elsewhere prior to deleting a user. Centers can also opt to leave the accounts with data on CGXchange as 'suspended'. Accounts that have never been used and are suspended, will be deleted by the CGXchange platform administrator.