Acceptable use policy

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CGIAR has entered into an agreement with Google, Inc. to provide Google Apps service to CGIAR staff (except for staff from IRRI). Use of this service is governed by terms and conditions of the contract with Google. 


This policy applies to staff using the Google Apps services of CGXchange (, whether on CGIAR Center premises, at regional offices, at home, or via any other means.


  • CGIAR staff may use a CGIAR Google Apps account to conduct collaborative work activities, provided that you respect any requirements / guidelines suggested for use provided by your Center.For CGIAR business or research data, using your CGIAR Google account ( is preferable to using a personal Google account.
  • Any staff member using Google Apps must ensure that their use will comply with any data storage requirements of their Center.
  • Google Apps may not be used to store, maintain, or transmit any kind of restricted/confidential data, including, but not limited to driver's license numbers, financial account or credit card numbers, or any other personally-identifiable data.
  • CGIAR does not back up data stored on Google Apps, and cannot restore, or recover, any data or documents that are deleted from these applications by default. The CGXchange support team provides Centers with the option to purchase Spanning Backup licenses to backup the data on the Google Apps. Staff can contact the CGXchange support team for more information. 


Any person found to be in violation of this policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action as defined by their Center policies and bargaining agreements.

Intellectual property rights and particiPation of external users

Google Apps permits users to invite other Google Apps users, both within the Centers and outside the Centers, to view data, co-edit documents, and use other collaboration tools. You are responsible for controlling access to data appropriately and for preventing accidental or undesirable file sharing in order to protect CGIAR intellectual property stored, maintained or transmitted in CGIAR's Google Apps (CGXchange).

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