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How to find CGIAR contacts on CGXchange

CGX 2.0 on Google Apps has its own contacts directory: here are the instructions to find colleagues in the CGX 2.0 Contacts list.

Step1: From your Google Doc or Site, click on the Share button.

Step 2. By default, users are invited as editors ( 'Can edit'), i.e. they are given full editing rights on the document or site content. If you want them only to view your document, change the permissions to: ‘Can view’.

Step 3: Type the name or last name of the person you wish to find in the CGX 2.0 contacts list and suggestions will be displayed. If the system shows you the name of the person you wish to collaborate with, click on the name of the person and it will be included in the list: 

You can ignore the suggestion and keep typing or paste a full email address.

Note: you can enter either @cgxchange.org or @cgiar.org emails. Since these are aliases for @cgxchange.org. permissions will be granted to users listed with their @cgiar.org email.

Tip. It may be that the person you are inviting to view/edit the document or site has not signed in to CGXchange before. Send them an email and ask them to follow the instructions on how to sign in to cgxchange.org.

Follow the recommended steps to share and notify your collaborators:

If you wish to invite a colleague from IRRI, share with their irri.org address.