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Forgot your password or can't sign in to CGXchange?

There are multiple entry points to login to CGXchange depending on the collaboration tool you need to use:

The username and password to access CGXchange Single-Sign on page is the same user and password you use everyday to login to 
your mail and your PC, e.g.:
usertgoldwin or center\tgoldwin
passwordyour mail/PC password

At times, if you see the Google login screen like this one below, you will need to write your full CGXchange address: e.g: (not and then you mail/PC password.

Note: CGXchange support staff do not change passwords for you. If you do not know this password, or still cannot sign in, please contact your own local Helpdesk for assistance.

Is this your first sign-in?

Check out the extended instructions

1. FAQ - Review the Frequently Asked Questions page on this site.

2. Search this site - Search for troubleshooting tips and training materials on this site:

3. Search Google Help: find timely and updated solutions to your problems on the online Google Apps Learning Center.

4. Contact Helpdesk - If none of the options above helped you solve your issue, please contact your local Helpdesk to request support or escalate your problems to: cgx-support AT