Moving Google Sites from CGIAR.ORG to CGXCHANGE.ORG

Archived for reference February 2014

To identify if you have any Google Sites on your Team Edition account:

1. Login to using the Google Apps Team Edition account you created on CGIAR.ORG (e.g. t.jordan) and enter the password you manually created for this account.

Forgot that password? Please contact to help you retrieve your password.

2. Once you login, you will see the list of all the Sites you have in this account. 

If you see this message: ' Thinking of creating a website" - this means you do not own any sites on this account, and do not need to transfer any sites, so do not worry about continuing to the next steps.

Steps to move your Google Sites from CGIAR.ORG to the CGXCHANGE Google Apps:

3. If you see a list of websites, you should identify the sites that you have created (in which you are 'Owner') to start the sites transfer to
4. Click to open the site you want to move to CGXchange
5. Go to More Actions > Share this Site (if you do not see the 'Share this Site' link, this is because you are not the owner of the site and cannot continue this process. Make sure you communicate with the owner of the site to ensure they give you 'owner' rights or you should ask the owner to move the site to CGXchange themselves).
6. On Share this Site, add your complete CGXchange user address in the 'Add people' area and make sure you give this user ownership of the site by selecting 'Is owner' > click on Share

7. Login to CGXchange - (click on 'Sign in to CGXchange' and write your CGIAR username (e.g.: aplopez) and your password. (More details)

8. You will see the site that has been shared with your account in the list of Sites. Click on the site title to open it. 
9. At this point, the site is still 'physically' located on the other 'cgiar'org Google Apps Team Edition domain, but since you have been given ownership of this site, you should make a copy of this site on CGXchange to transfer it officially:
  • From the open site, go to More Actions > Manage Site > Site Settings > General > click on Copy this site:
  • This will open a new window that will request you to select a name of the site and URL (it is suggested to use the same site name and short URL you had in the other domain since this site will now include the '' domain in it, and not the '' domain as the previous one:
  • It is recommended to check the 'Include Revisions' and ' Copy Site Members' boxes to transfer the site with the shared settings and revisions of your site:
  • Click Copy site
  • your new site is ready to get started again on CGXchange!
Important Note: please make sure that no more changes are done to the site that you have exported from the '' Team Edition Google Sites. Make sure you continue editing the site directly on CGXCHANGE.ORG and inform your collaborators about this.

13. How to notify collaborators of the new Site link? 
a. Click on More Actions > Share this site
b. Please verify that the email addresses in the sharing are correct. Make sure you do not have any documents shared with '' email addresses. Instead, replace those with their '' address as follows:
c.When sharing the site, it is suggested to check the ' Send email notifications (recommended)' box to ensure that users get a notification of the new site link.