Moving Google Docs from CGIAR.ORG to CGXCHANGE.ORG

Archived for reference February 2014

Google does not provide an out-of-the-box solution to move Google Documents from one Google domain to another, therefore you should follow this manual process described below to export and import your documents to the new CGXCHANGE domain:

Steps to move the Google Documents from CGIAR.ORG to the CGXCHANGE Google Apps:
1. Login to using your CGIAR.ORG account (e.g. t.jordan) and the password you manually created for this account.
Forgot that password? Please contact to help you retrieve your password.

Note: Once you login, you will see the list of all the documents you have in this account, including those created by you or shared with you. For this exercise, we will only migrate the document created by you (since you are the owner). The other documents on the list are documents that have been shared with you by other owners, so the owners of those documents should be responsible of exporting and/or re-sharing those documents with your '' account.

2. By default, you will see the newer version of Google Docs when you login. Click on 'Older version' on the top-right of the screen to access the older version of the tool which is easier to handle for this exercise:

3. Go to Create New > Folder to create a folder titled: 'TO MIGRATE' (or write the title of your choice): 

4. Once you create the folder, click on the 'Owned by me' link on the left. This action will display all the documents you have created in the '' Team Edition.

5. 'Select all visible' documents:  

click on Folders and select the new folder you created to move the documents selected to the new folder:

6. Click on the new 'TO MIGRATE' folder and click on Share this folder > Share settings

7. Share the folder with your account with 'Can edit' role:

8.Login to with your usual CGIAR username and password.

e.g: user: azlopez and your own CGIAR password (never logged in to CGXchange? Learn more)

9. Identify the folder 'TO MIGRATE' that has been shared with your account under 'Collections Shared with me' on the left document navigation page:

10. At this point, you should manually create a copy of each document in the '' domain as follows: 

    a. click on the document title to open the document in Google Docs format
    b. go to File > Make a copy . Select the 'Also copy collaborators' if you want to maintain the document sharing permissions you had on

    c. You will see that a new document with the name: 'copy of 'thenameofyourdoc' appears on screen. 
    d. Rename the document by clicking on the document name. Save and close.

    e. Repeat steps a-d for each document in the folder you are migrating.

11. Once you have manually copied each document on; refresh (F5) the home of the docs page, and you will now see the documents directly on your CGXchange account. 

12. The advantage of this approach is that you are getting a copy of the latest 'editable' version of the document on, including the security settings you had already set on Note however that the revision history of the documents you had in '' will be lost and the link of your new document is different from the one you had in ', thus you should make sure you notify your users of the new link. 

Important Note: please make sure that no more changes are done to the documents that you have exported on the '' Google Docs. Make sure you continue editing the documents directly on CGXCHANGE.ORG and inform your collaborators about this.

13. How to notify collaborators of the new document link? 
a. Click on Share > Share Settings
b. Please verify that the email addresses in the sharing are correct. Make sure you do not have any documents shared with '' email addresses. Instead, replace those with their '' address as follows:
c. Once the correct Google accounts are identified, use the Share > Email editors/viewers to write an email to the collaborators so they are aware of the new document link.

TIP: if the collaborators are usually the same people, it is recommended you create a new folder (collection) on CGXchange; move the documents to the folder and set the folder security once for all the documents so you won't have to set the security on each document one by one.

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