Moving your Google Calendars from CGIAR.ORG to CGXCHANGE.ORG

Archived for reference February 2014

If you have important Google Calendars created on your 'cgiar'org  team edition account, follow these instructions to export the calendar and import the events on CGXchange:

1. Login to using your CGIAR.ORG account (e.g. t.jordan) and the password you manually created for this account.
Forgot that password? Please contact to help you retrieve your password.

2. Export your calendar from '' - With Google Calendar, you can export content from a specific calendar or from all your calendars at once. Follow these steps to export one of your calendars:

  •  Identify the Calendar you want to export. In the calendar list on the left side of the page, click the down-arrow next to the appropriate calendar and select Calendar settings. (Alternatively, click the Settings link at the bottom of the calendar list, then click the appropriate calendar)
  • Click the ICAL button in the 'Private Address' section at the bottom of the page, and click the displayed URL:
  • Save the exported file to the desired folder on your computer.

3. Login to Google Calendar on and sign-in with your CGIAR account

4 .Create a new Calendar with the same name of the calendar you exported: Create a new Calendar

5. To import events from iCalendar or CSV files on '', just follow these steps:
  • Click the Add down-arrow button at the bottom of the calendar list ("Other Calendars") on the left side of the page, and select Import Calendar.
  • Click Browse and choose the file that contains your events (.ics file you download when exporting from, then click Open.
  • Select the Google Calendar you just created on CGXchange where you'd like to import events, then click Import.

Please note that recurring events may not be recognized when importing events from CSV files. In this case, individual items will be created for recurring events that fall between the dates you've selected.

Important Note: please make sure that no more changes are done to the Calendar that you export from ''. Make sure you continue editing the new calendar directly on CGXCHANGE.ORG and make sure you organize the 'sharing' settings of your calendar once again.

Be reminded that although your new calendar has the same name and includes all the events, the calendar link is different and you should make sure you re-apply the security and permissions to make sure your collaborators can access the new calendar. 

6. At this point, it is best that you manually delete the calendar on '' to avoid confusion.

7. Repeat the steps above for any other calendar you want to import to CGXchange.

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