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CGIAR.ORG Google Apps Team Edition - Dismissal Plan

Archived for reference February 2014

Dear User,
This page includes the information needed to understand the steps you should entail to check if you have any information on the Google Apps Team Edition. You have been contacted because you have used the 'cgiar.org' Google Apps Team Edition domain that in some past was created by an individual CGIAR staff member, and this domain will be discontinued on May 20, 2011. Please follow these steps to login and check if you have any important content on this Team Edition that you need to move out. 

Note: This process is being carried out to ensure we can safely close down the Google Apps Edition and allow you to move your information (if any).This does not have anything to do with your cgiar.org email account as such. 

Step 1 - Login to the Google Apps Team Edition:

Login to the Team Edition

You can login to the Google Apps Team Edition using any on of these links:

Google Docs Team Edition- http://docs.google.com/a/cgiar.org/

Google Sites Team Edition- http://sites.google.com/a/cgiar.org/

Google Calendar Team Edition- http://calendar.google.com/a/cgiar.org/

  • Your username for this the Team Edition should be the same prefix of your CGIAR email address:  e.g.: t.jordan or tjordan 
  • the password is the one you set yourself when you created this account.

Forgot your password? Please write to cgxchange@cgiar.org so we can help you reset it.

Step 2 Please check if anything is worth keeping:
Check if you have information on the Google Apps Team Edition using these instructions and learn how to to move your Google Docs, Sites and Calendar if you find something important: 

Step 3 -Notify the CGX Team - When you have finished the process of moving your information (if any) or if you saw that you did not have any information there created by you, please complete the following online form to let us know if we can safely delete your account in the Google Apps Team Edition: