Create a Google Group on CGXchange

What is a Google Group? 

Google Groups serves as mailing lists that allows you to easily send messages to frequently contacted groups of people and communities. 
You can add email addresses from within or outside CGIAR (changing the group setting). 

Does Google Group allow you to share documents or events?
Google Groups on CGXchange should be used purely as mailing lists (although you can attach documents in your email - up to 5M per document). 

If your team also needs a workspace to collaborate (share documents, discussions, announcements, calendar, etc), it is suggested to use a Google Site.

If the member emails are all Google accounts, including non-cgiar ones, then you can use the email address of the Google Group to share Sites, Documents (folders and files) and Calendars, as a shortcut for a long list of collaborators. 

How can I create a Google Group in the CGIAR?
Google Groups can be created by anyone with a CGXchange account.  See this Google Doc for instructions on how to create a group on CGXchange.

Note: Please keep in mind that the normal sending limits apply to messages sent to Groups, and that each recipient on a list is counted when you send to the Group.

To learn how to manage and use the Google Groups, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions.