Sharing with external partners with a GMail address or a Google Account

As the owner/collaborator of a Site, Calendar or document, you can share Google Sites, Docs, Calendars on CGXchange with external partners that do not have a email address. 

Before you invite partners without a account, you should determine the email address to use to invite them: ask them for their preferred Google account. This can be a GMail address, or any other email address associated to a Google account.

Option 1. Do the partners have a GMail address they use regularly?
If the partners (i.e. people without a email addresses) have a personal GMail account, just ask them for their GMail email address and use that address to Share the Google Site or Share the Google Docs.

Option 2. Do partners have no GMail address? No problem. Ask them to associate their email address to a Google Account.
If the partners do not have a GMail address, they do not have to create one. They can easily associate their preferred email address to a Google Account. To do this, they should follow these steps:

b Click on ' I prefer to use my current email address' (if your email address is not a Gmail account) 

c. write your email address, associate a personal password, write the word verification, check the terms of service and click ‘I accept, create my account’. Once final, your preferred email address will now be enabled to collaborate with CGIAR staff on CGXchange. 

d. When you have done this successfully, please reply to the person in CGIAR who wants to share a site, doc and/or calendar with you informing them that you have completed the steps above. 

Note: it is possible that organizational policies will prevent your partners from associating their work email address to a Google Account. This is the main reason why you want to check with them first about what Google account they prefer to use.