Sharing a Google Site on with non-CGXchange users

All the people you wish to invite to view privately (i.e. sign-in required) or edit a Site on are required to have a Google account
  • Non-CGIAR staff: contact them to obtain their email addresses associated to a Google account. This could be a Gmail account or a different one that acts as a Google account. Learn more on sharing with partners with a GMail or Google account.

  • It is always best to check beforehand so that they can safely receive the invitation and subsequent notifications. 

  • If they do not have a Google account yet, they may wish to create one or associate their current email to a Google Account
When you are sure about which email address to use for the invitation, follow the instructions on sharing a Google Site with collaborators.

When you invite people with an account other than or, you will receive an alert that the person you are inviting is outside the domain. Just click on Yes to proceed.